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Hongxin Handheld Electronic Whisk

Hongxin Handheld Electronic Whisk


The Hongxin Handheld Electronic Whisk delivers rich, creamy foam for any drink you are making. The frothing wand works great with hot or cold drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, cocktails, and even milk shakes. Other uses include mixing bullet-proof coffee, mixing chia pudding, whipping eggs, breaking up lumps in gravies or sauces, and reconstituting separated liquids from solids, such as canned coconut milk.


The one-handed ergonomic design fits your hand perfectly. When you’re done using it, simply whisk in some warm water for a few seconds and it’s clean!


Product Details:

• Robust motor 19000 RPM

• Ergonomic, one-handed grip design

• Froths your milk in as fast as 15-20 seconds

• 304 stainless steel wand

• 2 AA Batteries required (not included)

• Do not submerge in water

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