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Japan Tuttle Travel Pack

Japan Tuttle Travel Pack

SKU: 9784805311783

**Winner of the 2013 North American Travel Journalists Association Gold Award in the Travel Book/Guide Category**

This is the book that gives you the best of the best! All sights in Japan Tuttle Travel Pack have been hand-picked by seasoned travel writer Rob Goss—who has been living in Japan for over a decade, visiting and writing about every corner of this fascinating country. Rob includes only the very best spots—places he goes back to again and again, and where he sends all his friends.

Key features of Japan Travel include:

  • Japan's 'Don't Miss' Sights highlights 17 'Don't miss' sights and experiences, from the ultramodern to the ancient, and from the hip and cool Tokyo megalopolis to the medieval castles, gardens, and temple retreats of Kyoto and to the perfect powder snow on Hokkaido.
  • Exploring Japan offers excursions in every part of the country, from walks in Kyoto or the Kiso Valley to sites of natural splendor, and from the main island to Western Japan and Okinawa.
  • Author's Recommendations gives specific details on the top hotels and restaurants; the best shopping; the most kid-friendly places & things to do; the best festivals; the best outdoor activities; the best parks and gardens; the best museums and galleries; and much more.


This Japan travel guidebook is lightweight, easy-to-use and jam-packed with information—including maps, photos and tips on making the most of your stay. From the lavish grandeur of a Shogun's memorial shrine to a volcanic hot spring bath and Ryokan to Japan's many UNESCO World Heritage sites like the rock garden at Kyoto's Ryoan-ji Temple—this pocket guide truly offers something for everyone. The range of suggested excursions is exceptional, from hiking up iconic Mt. Fuji to shopping in Tokyo's famous Omotesando fashion district and hitting the slopes at Niseko, home of the world's best champagne powder. The detailed folded map at the back is a huge added bonus!

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