KAI Luna 3 Piece Knife Set: Chef's 8", Paring 3.5", Multi-Utility 6"

KAI Luna 3 Piece Knife Set: Chef's 8", Paring 3.5", Multi-Utility 6"

SKU: ABS0370
This three-piece Kai Luna 3-Piece Set provides the key knives every kitchen needs: a chef's knife, a utility knife, and a paring knife. The Luna Chef's Knife is an all-purpose kitchen knife. Slicing, dicing, mincing—it does it all. The Luna Multi-Utility Knife is a medium-sized knife ideal for preparing shallots, garlic, herbs, or fruits. With its slim tip, it's also great for boning and filleting. The paring knife is perfect for peeling fruit, hulling strawberries, or mincing a clove of garlic. Any job that requires precise and delicate work is a great job for the Luna Paring Knife.
You get all three kitchen essentials, plus a handy storage sheath, in this convenient set.

    • Steel: High-carbon, high-chromium stainless steel
    • Hand sharpened and finished 16° cutting edge each side (except serrated section of multi-utility)
    • Handle: Molded resin with soft-grip overlays
    • Includes matching sheath
    • Set includes:

    8-in. Luna Chef's Knife

    6-in. Luna Multi-Utility Knife

    3.5-in. Luna Paring Knife


    The Kai Luna series offers exciting style and performance at a value price. With its unique hammered finish, it offers eye-catching good looks. But Luna also gives you top cutting performance. Its high-carbon stainless steel blade has been expertly hardened for exceptional edge retention, strength, and rigidity. Mirror polish on the upper part of the blade and a graze finish on the lower part add beauty as well as enhancing stain and corrosion resistance. The edge is hand sharpened and finished to a razor-sharp 16° cutting edge each side. Luna’s quality steel is easily the equal of much higher-priced competitors. For comfortable cutting, Luna's handles offer lightweight maneuverability and reduced cutting fatigue. Soft-grip overlays on the top and bottom of the handle provide a secure grip. From its beautiful blade finish and razor-sharp edge to its contemporary styling, Kai's Luna series provides the performance good cooks demand at a price that even aspiring cooks can afford. A matching storage sheath is included with each piece of Luna kitchen cutlery.