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Masahiro Takohiki Knife 210mm

Masahiro Takohiki Knife 210mm

SKU: 10022
The Takohiki knife is a for slicing fish, similar to the Yanagi.  The style is from Japan’s Kanto region (Tokyo).  The squared head allows you to scoop slices of sashimi from the cutting board and place them on a plate. The length and single bevel edge allows you to make one smooth pull to cleanly slice raw fish and seafood without bruising or producing rough surfaces.  

    • The blade is made of the original stainless steel by Masahiro
    • Handle –half tang with PVC bolster. Material = Magnolia wood with transparent coating (water proof)
    • Blade –single beveled. Aichi AUS8 0.75% carbon content MoV steel. hardness Rockwell c 59+/-

    Masahiro cutlery is known for its balance, flexibility and strength. Located in Seki City, which is in the middle of Japan, Masahiro blades are specially crafted from proprietary steel and undergo multiple processes of treating, tempering and quenching for their unique and exceptional performance. Among the commercial kitchen knives especially for butcher, many support  Masahiro because of its high-quality and affordable price. The techniques and skills and the ancient attitudes of traditional Japanese sword making has been passed down across the centuries and are still alive in today's modern cutlery industry.
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