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Pocky Chocolate Almond Crush 1.45oz

Pocky Chocolate Almond Crush 1.45oz

SKU: 73141110815

Chocolate Almond Crush Pocky sticks are a unique variation on the original Pocky idea. Instead of a biscuit stick coated in delicious cream, they have a biscuit that’s covered in rich chocolate cream, then dipped in crushed almonds and then covered in more chocolate! Try these as a snack or a dessert after your meal. It’s hard to stop at just one Pocky stick, so stock up now and be ready for those midnight Pocky cravings. 

  • Ingredients:

    Wheat flour, sugar, almond, whole milk powder, vegetable oil, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, shortening, wheat protein, emulsifier, salt, artificial flavor, yeast, coloring, leavening Allergen Milk, wheat, soybean, almond, coconut.

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