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S&B Yuzu Kosho-Spicy Citrus Paste 2.37oz

S&B Yuzu Kosho-Spicy Citrus Paste 2.37oz

SKU: 74880020083

Originating in Kyushu prefecture, Yuzu kosho is made from chili, salt and the amazing Japanese citrus fruit Yuzu, creating a delicious paste perfect to give sting to your meals. In Japanese cuisine, Yuzu kosho is traditionally used to spice stews and hot pots popular in the winter season. However, it's also great with grilled chicken, sashimi and udon noodles- try it on anything you want!

With the fresh scent of citrus and green pepper, this exciting spicy paste will become one of your favorites. 

  • Ingredients:

    Yuzu, green pepper, salt, sorbitol, cellulose, alcohol, perfume, thickener (xanthan), gardenia dye

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