Japan Class Series, Virtual Class Via Facebook Live: Nikujaga, Japanese Beef Stew, Sat, 5/9, 12:30PM



Nikujaga, Japanese Comfort Food


Meat and Potato Stew Japanese Style

30 minutes, serves 4




  • Nikujjaga literally means “Meat and Potatoes”

  • One of the most popular Japanese comfort foods

  • Far less time to make compared to Western beef stew

  • 1895-Created by a chef in the Japanese Navy 

  • Admiral Tōgō Heihachirō wanted a beef stew similar to the British beef stew to help promote the city of Maizuru in Kyoto Prefecture

  • Kure City in Hiroshima Prefecture also claims to be the city of origin saying it was made at the Kure Naval Base

  • Nikujaga is a dish enjoyed throughout Japan and especially in the prefectures of Kyoto and Hiroshima


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