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Winow's Migaki



Tasting Notes

Migaki is aged in virgin American white oak for more than three years. As a result of the virgin oak, the aroma of Migaki is much lighter than other oaked barley shochus with just a hint of the wood rather than an overt whiskey aroma. The taste is mellow on the tongue with forward sweetness with an underlying spice. The spice sharpens in the finish while a round buttery mouthfeel permeates the palate afterward. Interestingly, pouring this shochu over ice brings out a pronounced wooden vanilla flavor that lingers in the finish, completely replacing the spice found when drinking straight.

Shochu Facts

  • Grain: 82% Barley (mugi); 18% Rice

  • Koji: White (shiro)

  • Distillation: Low-pressure (genatsu)

  • Alcohol: 24% (48 Proof)

  • Food Pairing: N/A

  • Brewery Location: Kagoshima Prefecture, Kyushu Island, Japan

  • Sizes: 750ml

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