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KAI Pure Komachi 2 Citrus Knife 4" w/Sheath (Yellow)

KAI Pure Komachi 2 Citrus Knife 4" w/Sheath (Yellow)

SKU: AB1277
Bright as a lemon, the Pure Komachi 2 Citrus Knife makes a handy addition to your kitchen collection. The serrations on the blade of this brilliant little knife cut through the tough skins of lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit, and more with ease. It works beautifully for cutting around the membrane between grapefruit segments for easier eating. And it's indispensible if you enjoy making cocktails, whether for entertaining or relaxing at home. It's the perfect tool for cutting lemon peel to create the lemon twist that adorns a Sazarac—and, of course, you can't make a top-shelf margarita without plenty of fresh lime juice.

    • The quick and easy way to cut citrus for your best recipes
    • Steel: Coated carbon stainless steel
    • Serrated blade
    • Food-safe color coating
    • Handle: Molded resin
    • Blade length: 4 in. (10.2 cm)
    • Includes matching sheath

    The bright colors on both blade and handle make Pure Komachi 2 knives fun to use and they add eye-catching color to your kitchen. What’s more, those bright colors have a purpose. The color-coding helps guard against cross-contamination of food—for instance, by using the knife you just used on the meat to cut the veggies. The coated carbon stainless steel blades, hand-sharpened to a 16° cutting angle on each side, make quick work of most any kitchen task. The molded resin handles and comfortable and contoured for a secure grip. The blade coating is food safe and easy clean. While they are dishwasher safe, we recommend hand washing to prolong the life of your blade as well as the colorful blade coating. Pure Komachi 2 knives now come with a matching sheath for easy storage.
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