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Pocky Matcha Cream Biscuits 2.4oz

Pocky Matcha Cream Biscuits 2.4oz

SKU: 73141152532

A favorite amongst hard-core Pocky fans the world over, Pocky Matcha blends the distinct flavor of finely powdered green tea ("matcha") into a smooth green tea cream wrapped around a tasty, crispy cookie biscuit stick. Light and refreshing, its the perfect combination of a delicate flavor with a satisfying crunch.

  • Ingredients:

    Wheat flour, sugar, blend of vegetable oil, whole milk powder, lactose, palm oil shortening, green tea powder, artificial flavors, salt, yeast, lecithin, leavening, monoglycerides, sodium hydroxide, beta-carotene color, blue 1 lake color, papain Allergen Wheat, milk, soybean

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