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The Food of Japan

The Food of Japan

SKU: 9784805314807

In Japan, where there are more festivals than there are days of the year, it's no surprise that food is a daily celebration unto itself!

The Food of Japan is a diverse compilation of 96 recipes collected and beautifully photographed in several regions throughout the country. The many different styles of Japanese food are a treat for the palate, eyes, and nose—making it a complete epicurean experience. 

History and culture have shaped Japanese cuisine, which is carefully explained in this introductory guide. It also includes eating styles, cooking techniques, authentic ingredients, and regional differences. 

Recipes included range from soup stocks to main dishes to desserts, including:

  • Miso Soup with Clams
  • Chawan Mushi
  • Hotpots
  • Cherry Blossom Dumplings

Steps to creating traditional Japanese dishes, along with new twists on old classics, are featured in this vibrantly illustrated guide. A lovely addition to the practiced home chef's library or for the budding gourmand's entry into Japanese cooking, The Food of Japan is destined to be a classic.

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