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Japan Class Series - Bonsai 101 Class January 14, 2018

The Art of Bonsai

Personal and Spiritual

The art of bonsai is a personal and subjective art that can be seen as an extreme form of gardening or a path to spiritual enlightenment. It is an art form fused with horticulture that takes aspects of culture, religion, craftsmanship and discipline. It is created, shaped and maintained to represent an ideal of nature.

Like Ikebana, the art of bonsai is a form of Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese art in which beauty is found in the imperfections and impermanence of art objects and art styles. Bonsai origins are dated to China prior to being seen in 7th century Japan. Japanese Bonsai is a less stylized Japanese art form due to the lack of formal schools that dictate style and shape. Even though there is a lack of formal schools and styles, there are around 14 distinct styles.

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