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Ramen Takeout @ On The Mark PS, Sun, 5/31 4:00PM-5:15PM (PRE ORDER ONLY) NEW! "Shoyu Ramen&quot


New–"Shoyu Ramen"

New–"Pork & Chicken Gyoza"

NEW TIME! 4:00PM-5:15PM


Ni-Chome Ramen

Ramen Takeout Sunday, 5/31 4:00PM-5:15PM

Who: The guys from Wabi Sabi Japan Living bring you "Ni-Chome Ramen"

What: Takeout Ramen

  • A) Tonkotsu Ramen

  • Pork bone broth with soy tare

  • B) Shoyu Ramen

  • ​Chicken & dashi broth with soy tare

  • C) Vegetarian Ramen

  • ​Veg broth with 3 different types of mushrooms, soy milk, sesame oil & subtle spice

When: Sunday, May 31st 4:00PM-5:15PM

Where: On The Mark Palm Springs, 111 N Palm Canyon Dr. Suite 155 (just behind Tommy Bahamas on Museum Way)

Cost: $12

Additonal Items:

  • NEW! Chicken & Pork (combo) Gyoza with Dipping Sauce- Japanese fried dumplings (limited to 20 orders) $7

  • Addtional Ajitama Egg (qty 1, limted to 20) $1

  • Additional Pork Chasu (limited to 20) $2

  • Crunchy Garlic $8.95

  • La-Yu Sesame Chili Oil $3.95

  • Shindo Gasanryu Shoko Sake (notes of green pineapple, green apple and melon) 720ml $27.95

  • Taru Sake (crisp, clean, clear smoky notes from Yoshindo cedar wood barrels) 720ml $21.95


Tonkotsu and Shoyu

  • Chashu pork

  • Ajitama soft boiled egg

  • Green onion

  • Menma (bamboo)

  • Corn

  • Pickled Red Ginger


  • Ajitama soft boiled egg

  • Green onion

  • Menma (bamboo)

  • Bean Sprouts

  • Corn

  • Pickled Red Ginger

If you're new to takeout Ramen, here's some pointers:

√ Ramen Noodles are not precooked because ramen noodles absorb moisture. For the optimal texture and taste, ramen noodles are cooked just before eating. 60-90 seconds in boiling water and then drain

√ Serve the broth at a high heat, 190-205 F

√ All of the ingredients need to go in at once and eat right away, e.g., broth, then layer noodles, then oils, then toppings and enjoy!

From the guys behind Wabi Sabi Japan Living and Ni-Chome Ramen:

“Our recipes were developed over time spent in Japan eating at local places. We're foodies but not in the Michelin sense but more of the Anthony Bourdain way. Religiously we visit Yakitori Alley of Shinjuku and Shimbashi and we visit the Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki street vendors in and around Tsukiji market. We eat Ramen from Hokkaido to Kyushu and have a great appreciation for the varieties and methods. But we also make a point of knowing the best Ramen places in So Cal. To perfect our recipes, we practice over and over while reaching out to friends and family back in Japan until we get it just right. The recipes are the culmination of 10+ years spent exploring, eating, and learning."

About On the Mark Palm Springs

On The Mark is a one of kind gourmet food market and deli, featuring a range of unique boutique products such as: craft beer and wine, artisan crafted cheese, nitrate-free meats, pâtés, small batch oils and vinegars, and more!

CLICK Image to Pre-Order Ramen for Pickup at "On The Mark PS"

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