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Blue Mondays - Sake & Cheese Pairing February 12, 2018


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  • Kurosawa Niori


Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper

Sheep’s Milk Cheese

Buttery color and smooth texture cheese that is aged 3 months. Made in Holland for Cypress Grove. Awards

•Silver, World Cheese Awards 2016, 2017

•Best Product in Aisle, NASFT sofi Awards 2002

Tasting Notes—Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper

•Texture is smooth and soft-firm

•Buttery in color and flavor

•Nutty flavor over time

•Long complex finish

Pairing Notes

•Typical Sheep’s milk cheese (think Manchego) is usually paired with moderate to richer red wines, however, Lamb Chopper is recommended with softer, citrus, drier wines

•For Sake, this means drier Sake with crisp citrus notes to more complex sake

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