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Palm Springs Sake Mimosa

Rule #1

Throw out all of your old beliefs. Sake is no longer that grainy bold hot ricy beverage sold at your local Sushi restaurant. Sake today is quite different. It’s sophisticated, multi-faceted, and more importantly it’s fun!!!

the Sake Mimosa is the latest from the only Japanese home goods store in the Coachella Valley, “Wabi Sabi Japan Living”. Made with chilled flavor infused Nigori Sake, this refreshing pool side, brunch, or anytime drink will bring you to a whole new level of Zen.

What is Nigori Sake? Nigori Sake is an unfiltered Sake that can be on the dry aromatic side or the fresh fruity side. For our Sake Mimosas, Wabi Sabi Japan Living uses Yuki Nigori flavor infused Sake chilled in these 3 flavors:

  • Lychee

  • White Peach

  • Mango



  • 1 part Yuki Nigori flavor infused sake

  • 1 part champagne

Pour in a champagne flute or a double-walled Bodum glass to maintain that chilled temperature.

Enjoy year round!

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