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Japan Class Series, Virtual Class Via Facebook Live: Shio Koji Chicken, Wednesday, 4/22, 5:30PM


About Shio Koji

Used in Japan for centuries as a marinade or seasoning ingredient

  • The enzymes contained in shio koji break down proteins to pull out umami flavors

  • Tenderizes meat and fish

  • The enzymes decompose starches to draw out the sweetness from ingredients

Typical mold for fermentation is koji kin, also known as Aspergillus Oryza

  • Rice is inoculated with the mold

  • Koji grows on the rice stalk

Koji Kin is used to make:

  • Sake

  • Soy Sauce

  • Miso

  • Awamori- indigenous Okinawan alcohol

  • Shio Koji

CLICK Image To Open Shio Koji Chicken Presentation

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