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Japan Class Series - Chopsticks Etiquette February 24, 2018

History of Chopsticks

•1200 BCE China—Used for cooking

•500 ACE—Across Eastern Asia for cooking and eating

•Smaller bite sizes lead to increased usage of chopsticks

What not to do

•Sticking chopsticks upright in rice

•Leaving chopsticks crossed on plate or bowl

•Except when there’s no rest

•Spearing food

•Unmatched chopsticks

•Leaving chopsticks in mouth

•Washing off in soup or beverage

•As toys

•As hair accessories

•Rubbing sticks together

•Shoveling food directly in mouth

•Taking food from a communal plate

•Hovering from dish to dish

•Pointing at things

•Letting liquids drip

•Stirring food around

CLICK Image To Open Chopsticks Etiquette Presentation

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