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FOOD DRIVE Benefitting "Well In The Desert", A Virtual Event | May 2020

The Communities donations through the beginning of May have totaled almost 17k servings of rice, instant meals and to go snacks.

This is a virtual event

Inspired by our customers Anna, Kim, Norman and Mimi wanting to help both Well in The Desert and Wabi Sabi Japan Living. We created this virtual food drive so others could contribute to such a worthy cause and to give back to the Community. Your charitable donation will directly buy food from Wabi Sabi Japan Living which we then deliver to Well in The Desert. An itemized receipt will be provided to you for the food purchase made by your donation. Also, you will receive a letter from Well in The Desert for your donation to this 501c3 non-profit charity.

How It Works

  • Purchase a donation amount below

  • Working with our food distributors, Wabi Sabi Japan Living will provide the donation amount in much needed food products to Well in The Desert

  • This food drive is similar to the PS Police food drive which is hosted in front of Wal Mart but instead of buying dry packaged goods from Walmart the goods are purchased from Wabi Sabi Japan Living

What Your Donation Buys

  • Soups, stews

  • Instant meals

  • Rice

  • Pasta & noodles

  • Canned fruits

  • Snacks such as crackers, cookies

What You Get

  • Satisfaction of helping Well in The Desert in their time of need with much needed dry packaged/canned foods

  • Itemized receipt and letter from Well in The Desert showing the foods for your charitable donation to this 501c3 for 2020 taxes

  • Satisfaction of helping Wabi Sabi Japan Living, a local small business and member of the Community

Please call us with any questions at 760-537-3838.

We want to thank Anna, Kim, Norma and Mimi for their charity and the idea behind this food drive.

CLICK Image To Donate

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